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Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.


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Socrates Quote #socrates #wordsofwisdom #MotivationalQuote #InspirationalQuote #LifeQuotes #PositiveQuotes #WordsoflifeQuotes


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Socrates (470 – 399 BC) was a classical Greek (Athenian) philosopher credited as one of the founders of Western philosophy, and as being the first moral philosopher, of the Western ethical tradition of thought. An enigmatic figure, he made no writings, and is known chiefly through the accounts of classical writers writing after his lifetime, particularly his students Plato and Xenophon.

Socrates believed the best way for people to live was to focus on the pursuit of virtue rather than the pursuit, for example, of material wealth. He always invited others to try to concentrate more on friendships and a sense of true community. Socrates felt this was the best way for people to grow together as a populace.

His actions lived up to this standard and in the end, Socrates accepted his death sentence when most thought he would simply leave Athens. He felt he could not run away from or go against the will of his community. His reputation for valor on the battlefield was without reproach.

The idea that there are certain virtues formed a common thread in Socrates’s teachings. These virtues represented the most important qualities for a person to have. Therefore and the foremost of which were the philosophical or intellectual virtues. Socrates stressed that “the unexamined life is not worth living and ethical virtue is the only thing that matters.

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