Gratitude Meditation : I Am Grateful for Music

I am grateful for music. Music moves my soul and makes me feel more alive and present. My world is perfect for the fleeting moment of listening and feeling the energy and sound of music. So today as I listen and dance to the harmonies and rhythms all around me, I will also dance to the music of my soul.

Peace, Margaret

This morning as I work on a forget-me-not design, I decided to play an album I haven’t listened to in a long time (India Arie 2001 Acoustic Soul).  Immediately the energy changes as my office where I draw is filled with the soulful sound  of Ms. Arie. As I move my body while trying to draw, the song “Wonderful” comes on and wow I knew I had to write about how grateful I am for music. Music of all kinds and the artists that create it. 

We humans are amazing beings . We all contribute in our own way. Today I’m especially grateful for music. Thank you India Arie for your part in my day.

Imagine if everyone of us took a moment out of their day to listen to some music that we love and brings us joy and then focus on that feeling of joy throughout the day. I am a dreamer I admit but I think the world would be a better place today if we did.

Gratitude Meditation

Gratitude Meditation Thankful for Music Gratitude Meditation #gratitude #meditation #thankful #positive
Gratitude Meditation Thankful for Music Gratitude Meditation #gratitude #meditation #thankful #positive

I am grateful for music

This image with gratitude quote will also be posted on my Pinterest site. All of my the quotes for this blog are here of course, but if you go on my Pinterest site you may find them easier and quicker to explore.

I am thankful to you :-) for coming here and checking out my website. It is my sincerest hope that I have inspired you to think about your life in a more positive and loving way. I like to imagine that if more of us (including myself ) spend more energy on all the things we are grateful for instead of all the things we don’t have or situations we are unhappy about, the world would be a much better place.

Love and peace always, Margaret:-)

Love Peace & Understanding

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