“Ascension” Visionary Art

“Ascension” Visionary Art Portrait is a soul going home.

“Going home” is a major theme in my artwork. This image  is about life after death and what that experience might be like. I’ve read a lot of books over the years  about what happens to our souls at the time of death and beyond.

One of the first books I can remember reading was written by  Edgar Cayce. I found it interesting  and it definitely shaped my early thinking.

About 8 to 10  years ago I came across a  book that to date has been the most compelling on the subject. There are two books authored by a man who passed just a couple of years ago (2016).  His name is  Dr. Micheal Newton.

He was a psychiatrist in private practice.  A self described atheist, until he had an experience with a particular client who made him question his believe system. He goes on to describe that experience, and how it so fundamentally changed the way he viewed life.


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These books were and are incredible. They are all about what Dr. Newton calls “life between lives”.  They are and exploration into what  our experiences are like once we shed our physical form and return to our natural state of being-  a non-physical being,  existing in a non-physical universe.

He spent the rest of his professional life (with more then 7,000 clients under deep hypnosis) exploring what a souls life was like and their views on life.

His 1st book was called Journey of Souls and his 2nd was Destiny of Souls. If you’re curious about the books, you can find them both in print form and on Audible.  Also there are youtube videos of him in a couple of interviews.

Is there life after death?  If so, what is that experience like? This image is the exploration of the moment we leave the body.  There are others in the image looking on. perhaps to guide or maybe reunite?

Thank you for looking. Margaret

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