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Thinking For Results Part 11

In the world of feeling the thorough application of the law of scientific thought is extremely important, the reason being that we generally live upon those planes where our feelings are the strongest.

Acosmic-flowerll our feelings therefore should be transformed to the highest planes of thought and living that we can possibly think of. But since feelings deal principally with forces, whether in mind or personality, it is in the world of force that we shall have to direct our attention if a change of feeling is to be made.
And this is done very simply by training the mind to always try to feel the finer and the more powerful forces that are back of every state, condition or action.

 Whenever anything takes place in your system try to feel the finer forces in that part of the system where the action is taking place.

This experience may not give you any new sensation at first, but you will gradually become conscious of a whole universe of finer life and action within yourself.

Then your mind will be living in a much larger world and in a much richer world. These finer life forces that you feel within yourself are the powerful creative energies of the subconscious, and it is these energies that are so valuable in the development of the mind and the reconstruction of the body.

Therefore, whenever you exercise the sense of feeling try to feel the higher and the finer that is in you,

You will soon succeed and the results will not only add enjoyments, both to mind and personality, but will also give you the mastery of new and powerful forces.

An expanding and ascending desire should be back of every action of the mind, and all efforts to gain the conscious realization of the new should aim at the very largest mental scope and realization possible.

Every desire should desire the largest, the purest, the most refined and the most perfect expression that present mental capacity can be conscious of.

This will add remarkably to the joy of living and will have a refining effect upon the entire system. The most refined expressions of desire give the greatest pleasure, whether the channel of expression be physical, mental or spiritual.

But no desire should be destroyed. The proper course is to refine it and turn it into channels through which the forces back of that desire can be wisely employed now.

When we refine our desires those desires will never lead us into wrongs or temptations

because the fact is that a refined desire never desires to do wrong. On the contrary, every desire that desires higher and higher expressions will, through such a desire, tend to enter into the right, the more perfect and the superior.

In this connection, we should remember that all ascending actions are right actions, that all descending actions are wrong actions, and that this is the only difference between right and wrong.

Every mental aim should have the greater in view, and every plan that is formed should embody the largest possibilities conceivable.

Too many minds fail because their plans are so small and their aims too low; but the larger and the higher is invariably the purpose of scientific thought—thought that thinks for results.

Every mental force, therefore, should be an aspiring force and should have the power to spur us on to greater efforts and higher goals. This is extremely important as we shall know when we learn that all forces are creative.

When all the forces of your system are trained to aspire, everything that is being created in your system will be created more perfectly and you will steadily advance.

Warm Embrace A spiritual, visionary portrait of two soul embracing each others life energy. A mystical portrait in shades of greens. This visionary image is part of my beings of light collection.
Warm Embrace A spiritual, visionary portrait of two soul embracing each others life energy. A mystical portrait in shades of greens. This visionary image is part of my beings of light collection.

In like manner, when every mental action is constructive, everything that may be placed in action in your mind will tend to build you up and will tend to work for the purpose you have in view.

Mental actions that have no particular aim are usually destructive,

but every action of the mind can be made constructive if we make it a point to always think for results.

The first step in this connection, and the only really important step, is to have a strong desire for mental construction constantly held in mind, and to give this desire increased attention when our mental actions are especially strong.

In all our efforts our object should be greater things, and to realize this object no building power in mind or personality must be idle or misdirected.

On the contrary, everything within us should be trained to work for all those definite results that we have in view, and all actions of mind and body should be so perfectly directed upon the production of those results that everything we do under any circumstance will tend to work constantly and directly for those results.

It is when we proceed in this manner that our thinking is right, designed and scientific, and it is such thinking alone that we can employ when we aim to think for results.

To make the right use of thought we must make it a practice to think that which is inherently true.

Therefore whatever we think about we must formulate our thoughts according to the truth which we know to exist within that of which we think.

When we think about life we must think of life as it is in itself and not as it appears to be in the personal existence of some one who does not know how to use life.

There are people who make life a burden, but life in itself is anything but a burden.

On the contrary it is a rare privilege. Therefore, to think of life as a burden is to take the wrong view of life. It is to think the untruth about life. It is to view life from the standpoint of one who has misapplied life.

Accordingly what we judge is not life, but a mistaken opinion about life. Our thought in the matter will thus be foreign to life and will naturally mislead us when we try to apply it in connection with real living. When we think about life we must think about real life and not about some illusion that we might have of life.

The average person’s thought about life, however, is simply an opinion about his misunderstanding about life and therefore his thinking is never designed, constructive nor scientific.

Life itself is a joy, a rich blessing and it means so much that an eternity of mental growth will be required to comprehend it entire meaning.

Life is not something that comes and goes; it is something that always is. Neither is life something that can be produced or destroyed.

Life is inexhaustible and indestructible and contains within itself a definite and eternal purpose. We should therefore view life according to this idea. And when we gain this right idea of life we can become more deeply conscious of real life and thus gain possession of more life.

This is extremely important because it is only as we gain added life that we can gain added ability and power. When we gain a correct conception of life we also enter into harmony with the purpose of life which means to enter the path of continuous advancement along all lines, the result of which will be perpetually increased in all things.

When you think about yourself view yourself as you are at your best and not as you appear when in the midst of failure. You never fail when you are at your best and you are true to yourself only when you are at your best.

Therefore if you wish to think the truth about yourself think about yourself as you are when you are true to yourself and not as you appear to be when you are false to yourself.

Scientific thinking does not recognize weakness of mind or body because you yourself are not weak, and you would never feel weak if you were always true to yourself.

Thoughts should never be formed in the likeness of a weak condition because such thinking will perpetuate the condition of weakness. When weakness is felt think the truth about yourself; that is, that you are inherently strong and the weakness will disappear.

Beings of light we usually don't see but are all around us
Beings of light we usually don’t see but are all around us.This image is part of my Light and Shadow Collection.
In the right use of thought we never permit ourselves to say that we cannot. On the contrary we continue to believe and say, "I can do whatever I undertake to do and I am equal to every occasion."

This is our firm conviction when we have come to that place where we really know what is in us, and it is a conviction that is based upon actual scientific fact.

Unlimited possibilities are latent in every mind; therefore man is inherently equal to every occasion and he should claim his whole power at all times.

If he does not make himself equal to every occasion the cause is that he fails to express all that is in him. But the greater capacity that is within anyone cannot fully express itself so long as thought is created in the likeness of weakness, doubt and limitations. Therefore the right and scientific use of thought becomes the direct channel through which the greatness that is within man may come forth and act in real life.

Man is not naturally in the hands of fate for the truth is that fate is in the hands of man. Man may appear to be controlled by a destiny that seems distinct from himself, but the real truth is that he himself has created the very life and the very tendency of that destiny.

The destiny of every man in his own creation, be it good or otherwise, but so long as he thinks he is in the hands of this destiny he will fail to intelligently employ his own creations, and will accordingly originate adverse circumstances.

Many have speculated as to the real cause of adverse circumstances, bad luck and the like, but the cause is simply this, that when man finds himself in adversity he has neglected to direct, consciously and intelligently, the forces which he himself has placed in action; and this neglect can invariably be traced to the belief that we are all controlled more or less by what we call fate. For this reason the sooner we eliminate that belief absolutely the better.

No man will attempt to control the forces of life so long as he thinks he is unavoidably controlled by those forces;

but if those forces are not intelligently controlled, their action will be aimless and we shall have that confusion which is otherwise termed adversity.

Every word, every thought and every action gives expression to certain life forces, and what those forces will do depends first upon their original nature and second upon how they are directed in their courses. The sum total of all the words, thoughts and actions expressed by man will constitute the forces of his destiny, and the result of those forces will constitute his fate.

yin-yang-oneWhat those forces are in the beginning depends upon what man created them to be, and what those forces will unitedly produce will depend upon whether they are directed by man himself or left to act aimlessly.

But man can make his words, thoughts and actions what he wishes them to be. He can direct them intelligently into channels of constructive and perpetual growth.

It is therefore simply understood how man is unconsciously the cause of his fate, and how he can consciously and intelligently create his own fate. To create his own fate, however, he must make the right use of thought; that is, he must think for results.


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Thinking For Results By Christian D. Larson Published 1912

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