ethereal dreamlike portrait in golds and browns is part of my beings of light collection.

Thinking For Results Part 6

When we proceed to think for results we are invariably imbued with the spirit of advancement.

Therefore to increase the power of this spirit the mind should cultivate the persevering attitude and should feel a strong desire to push forward into the ever enlarging realms of perpetual growth. But in this connection we must not forget courage and patience, nor the progressive attitude.

It has been well said that we all could accomplish far more if we would only attempt more, but in the majority courage generally fails when in the presence of great undertakings. This, however, we cannot afford to permit.

To the attitude of courage we should add the mental states of self-reliance and self-confidence and still greater gain will be realized.

Inner Dance. An ethereal dreamlike portrait of a woman in a state of euphoria. Visionary image in soft creams and browns, is part of my beings of light collection.
Inner Dance. An ethereal dreamlike portrait of a woman in a state of euphoria. Visionary image in soft creams and browns, is part of my beings of light collection.

In fact, these two states are of such value

that their importance cannot be described in words.

They are not sufficiently developed in the average person, however, because he depends too much upon environments, opportunities and associates, and not enough upon himself.

The great soul depends upon nothing exterior to himself.

Such a soul makes opportunities to order and changes environments to comply with requirements. Such a soul turns adversity into a willing servant and makes every obstacle a new path to greater achievement. But no soul can become a great soul until faith in its own power has become unbounded.

The strong, positive mind may at times go beyond its own domain

and may some times act in realms where it has no legal right, but this can be prevented through the attitude of non-resistance, another most important attitude in the art of constructive thinking.

The attitude of resistance is always destructive and therefore interferes with the real purpose of right thinking. But it is not necessary to resist anything. That which is inferior will disappear when we produce the superior and not until then. It is therefore a waste of time and energy to try to remove wrong through resistance.

The proper course to pursue is to build up the right and the wrong will disappear of itself. In this connection, however, it may seem to be difficult to continue in a non-resisting attitude when we are constantly in the presence of adverse conditions.

But here we should remember that the mind that is constantly creating the larger and the better will hardly be aware of the imperfect in his life because the imperfect is constantly passing away with the ceaseless coming and upbuilding of the more perfect.

Vibrant colored mandala in rose and orange. Sacred geometry and butterflies.
Vibrant colored mandala in rose and orange. Sacred geometry and butterflies.

Our purpose should be never to resist evil; though we should not on the other hand fold our arms and let things be as they are.

While we are turning away from lesser things we should concentrate our whole attention upon the building up of the greater.

This is a method that will give perfect freedom and continuous advancement to us all.

To the practice of non-resistance we should add forgiveness. Forgive everybody, even yourself.

To condemn anything or anybody is a misuse of the mind. So long as we condemn the wrong the mind is forcefully directed towards the wrong. The mental picture of wrong becomes more deeply stamped upon the subconscious, and more thoughts and mental states will be created in the likeness of those impressions or pictures.

These impressions will reproduce themselves in us and this is how we tend to create in ourselves what we condemn in others. The reverse of this principle is also true; that is, that we tend to create and build up in ourselves the good that we commend and appreciate in others.

To promote the cultivation of forgiveness we should become conscious of real purity,

and the reason for this is readily understood when we remember the statement about the eye that is too pure to behold iniquity. Why the pure eye does not see evil is a subject too large to be discussed here.

But we shall find that the more perfectly we develop the consciousness of purity the smaller and more insignificant evil becomes to us, and the easier it becomes to forgive everybody for everything.

In the attitude of mental purity we look upon the mistakes of the world in the same way as we look upon the false notes that the child makes while learning to play.

We want those false notes corrected, but we do not call them bad. We know that the child will learn to play perfectly later on, not by being punished or scolded, but by being taught thoroughly and persistently. It is he same with the mistakes of the human race, and those mistakes should be dealt with in the same manner.

One of the very important states of the mind is that of justice, or the consciousness of justice, and it is most necessary that we cultivate the habit of being just even in minute details.

The just mind can readily direct its processes of thought and creation into those channels of action that are in harmony with the laws of life, while the mind that is not just will misdirect many of those processes and thereby produce all kinds of detrimental conditions of mind and body. In a state of justice everybody has his own.

Therefore to be just is to so act that you never deprive anyone of his own nor fail to render to anyone that which is his own.

To know what really belongs to you and what really belongs to others, however, may at first sight seem to be a difficult problem, but we cannot solve it by looking at external possessions.

We become just by developing the consciousness of justice and not by measuring this to one and that to the other.

To execute justice in the world, or in connection with any of our own actions, we must realize justice in our own soul because effects do not precede causes.

Beings of light we usually don't see but are all around us
Beings of light we usually don’t see but are all around us.This image is part of my Light and Shadow Collection.

And if all moral teachers in the world would cease their criticisms of powers and systems and give their entire attention to the development of the consciousness

of justice in the mind of the race, we should soon have an order of things which would be absolutely just to all.

In our own thinking, however, the attainment of this consciousness of justice is so absolutely necessary that it should be given a most prominent place in all our efforts, because it is only through the consciousness of justice that all misdirection of thought and energy can be prevented.

There are three additional States of mind required to make this study complete, and these are refinement, receptivity and faith. But we need not take the time to give them special attention as we all understand their nature and importance.

Faith and receptivity have special functions to perform in all kinds of mental actions and development, and the advancing process of the mind must of necessity be a refining process; otherwise growth would be an impossibility.

The purpose of scientific thinking therefore cannot be promoted unless the entire system is permeated with the consciousness of refinement.

And to attain this consciousness we should picture before us the most refined state of the ideal that we can possibly conceive, and keep this picture before us constantly with the deep desire to make it real.

The above is a brief analysis of the most important of the right mental states —those states that are needed to place the mind in that state of action that is absolutely necessary if we wish to think for results. We are now ready therefore to proceed with the real process of thinking.

Very normal person has a definite goal that he expects to reach; some purpose for which he is living, thinking and working; one or more objects that he is trying to gain possession of. But how to realize this ambition is the problem, and though he hopes to find the solution in some way, that way is not always as clear as he should wish it to be.

A study of natural laws, however, both physical and metaphysical will readily reveal the secret.

alonaWhen we study natural laws we find that aimless living is wasteful,

deteriorating and detrimental both to the individual and to the race, and the same study reveals the fact that all the laws of nature are constructed for the promotion of progress and growth. Therefore to be natural we must move forward, and to move forward we must have a definite purpose. From this we conclude that the life with a definite purpose is the only natural life.

And as it is natural, nature must be able to provide a way by which such a life can be perfected fully and completely. In other words, there must be a solution for every problem, and this being true, he who seeks the solution will certainly find it.


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Thinking For Results By Christian D. Larson Published 1912

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