Not Hypnotism, But Suggestion : Part 4

The Unity of Power.

To attain this condition of power study the conditions necessary for the subject to receive his Suggestions and cultivate them in yourself until you can suggest and affirm that which you desire.

All vibrations are merely vibrations until, through sensation, they are converted into Thought, just as vibrations of light that do not reach the eye are only vibrations.

As we can close the eye to light vibrations, so we can close sensation to those which produce pain or sorrow; then they are not. Thus is life made one continual round of peace.

 Study these phenomena labeled "Hypnotic" just as the phenomena of lightning have been studied, and the results will be, to him who studies and demonstrates, similar to those that have followed the wake of "Spiritualism," "Christian," "Divine," and "Mental" Science and the various schools of magnetic healing and metaphysics.

All these are demonstrating some of the infinite possibilities, that lie in Suggestion and its counterpart, Affirmation.

Not Operator’s Will.

Whatever may have been the past opinion, or whatever be that of many now to the contrary, it is not the Will of the operator that produces the phenomena of hypnotism.

It is the concentrated Will of the subject. This fact is one that will, when its significance is understood, revolutionize all thinking and living and lift this study, now ignored by the cultured, into the first place in the Philosophy and the Art of Living.

The only Principle concerned in the phenomena is the constant one of Concentration; fixing the WILL upon an Affirmation that is the result of a chosen Suggestion.

Three words form the Shibboleth of the New Thought (which means the New Civilization), viz: SUGGESTION, AFFIRMATION, and CONCENTRATION. Understanding these, forms the true Science of Mind’, properly using them, constitutes the Art of Living.

Power of Will.

The study of Suggestion removes from the mind all fear of evil results from the control of one mind over another, for such control is impossible.

The Will can be used only by the individual upon himself. This is an important fact in this study. The person of the cultivated Will, the person of Concentration, always has the advantage of the one of diffused Will.

Leaders, commanders, bosses, masters, operators in Suggestion, all owe their position to the fact that they use their Will upon themselves and give the Suggestions that will produce, when accepted by those of less concentration, the desired mental conditions. It is not a question of “can” or “cannot” in the battle of life; it is the “will” and “will not.”

The healthful and successful WILL health and success. The others do not use what they possess in like proportion. All have equal power to do. It is the difference between doing and not doing.

The subject has learned to choose and to will himself into acceptance of the Suggestion for the time being, knowing that he can, at any time, will himself not to accept it. Having accepted it, it rules him. He has learned to lay it aside at will.

Untrained Will.

But accepted Suggestions in the business man become worry. Why? Because he is in the condition of every person who does not develop latent power.

dreamtimeHe has never brought his Will into obedience to his thought. When once his Will has fastened to an Affirmation, it does not readily let go and take another because he has, by neglect, taught it to cling until, by some external Suggestion, he is compelled to change his Affirmation.

I trust that this is so clearly seen that no reader of this book will hereafter claim that one person acts under the will of another, but that each reader will affirm that every person acts that which he wills to act.

He has willed either to neglect training his Will or has willed to cultivate it. The man who is, under the circumstances, obliged to obey the mandate of another is no more under the Will of that other than is the boy who does not wish to learn to skate under the Will of him who, by physical power, forces him to put on the skates; he learns obedience under fear; he wills obedience through choice of one of two unpleasant conditions.

Hypnotism Innocuous.

This fact understood, away goes the fear of hypnotism and all belief that one person can hypnotize another to commit crime. This is a groundless fear, a fear that arises in ignorance.

The editor of the Suggester and Thinker in an editorial in his magazine, says of this belief in the evil of hypnotism: “It originated in fancy alone and belongs to the age of superstition, darkness and witchcraft and cannot exist today upon any legitimate grounds.” Every Suggestion that is repugnant to a person is by him rejected.

This principle of Self-Protection is the most deep-seated of any in our lives. Ever alert to protect against danger are all the instincts of man. In this Art of Suggestion the reason is never appealed to. Should one attempt to reason with the subject to induce him to accept a Suggestion, every condition of acceptance would be destroyed. Perfect tranquility of mind is the necessity of hypnosis.

This tranquility can be obtained only through consent of the subject.

Consequently, whenever a Suggestion given antagonizes the Will or Conscience of the subject, he passes out of the condition of the subject, and is under the control of some Auto-Suggestion.

It is utterly impossible for one person to suggest to another the commission of an act which he would not do without the Suggestion. This fact is well known to every practitioner in Suggestion and to all careful investigators.

Each person controls his own life at all times. He does nothing that he does not will to do. The only way one can be brought to do that which he has willed against is not by using hypnosis, but by using Suggestion in persuasion, argument or command. Either of these is powerless in hypnosis.

Safety of Hypnosis.

In hypnosis, the frontal brain of the subject is, to a greater or less degree, inactive, and that portion of the brain, —the cerebellum—most closely connected with the Ego, is most active.

When conversing with a person in hypnosis, that is, with a somnambule, it is with the Ego, through the sympathetic nervous system, that all our conversation is carried on.

i-am-lightOne converses thus with the spirit of the man. He talks to the seat of moral consciousness. 

Conscience is supreme. Any Suggestion given to the Ego that runs counter to conscience is immediately repelled.

An antagonistic Suggestion insisted upon will awaken the subject. A person in hypnosis is in the state most safe from evil Suggestions, for here all the external glamour is removed and only the enormity of such a Suggestion is present to the soul. Here lie the great possibilities of this Art in the redemption of man.

From this source come the cures in all the fields of healing. The Soul is stimulated on the way it desires to go. The operator, the teacher and the healer are helping the evolution of the Ego by opening to it the possibilities of the objective life.

Illustrations of this fact frequently occur in my classes. I had a fine subject and, causing him to see a lizard, told him to take it up. He would not. I insisted. This caused him to awaken with a start. Another fine fellow was asleep. I suggested that, as we were on the street, we go in a saloon and get a glass of beer. “No, sir! I don’t drink beer.” “But come, you must/’ He awoke with a start. “What awakened you?” I asked. “I don’t know, but some one hit me,” was the reply.

Self-Hypnosis Degrees of.

Now that Suggestion is being made the excuse for wrong doing, when the press is telling of persons marrying, stealing and committing all sorts of evil because they were hypnotized, it is well to dwell upon the impossibility of this, so that all may feel hereafter that it offers no excuse for any evil. None can hide under this cloak. All these reported cases, if they are facts, are cases of Auto-Suggestion—of Self-Hypnotism.

This is the condition in which all persons are whenever an abnormal condition is encouraged. If a woman thought a man was hypnotizing her and concentrated her mind upon that thought, she would pass into this condition through self-hypnotism.

The press, by telling these stories, creates these imagined conditions in susceptible persons. Past education has developed a feeling of non-responsibility and of fear in the individual, which prepares him to receive these Suggestions from the press and convert them into Auto-Suggestions and thus give them control over his life. Here is the great evil of press reports of crime. From this self weakness, comes the present reliance upon Authority.

No person of self-reliance will claim to be hypnotized to do a foolish or an evil thing. The weak and the silly, the very ones that have not concentration enough to be hypnotized by an operator, are the ones constantly susceptible to self-hypnotism.

They are constantly receiving Suggestions from the crowd they are in. They thus become the tool of the fashions, fads and follies of the day. They are the ones who need most to place themselves under the care of a good operator and, through his instructions, learn to concentrate and to protect themselves from the consequences of their willing but ignorant acceptance of Suggestions. Involuntary Suggestion, involuntary concentration, involuntary and unconscious choice, are to be avoided.

When one has learned the Art of Suggestion, he knows too well the power of a Suggestion of evil;

for, whether it is accepted by the subject or not, if he has given it with a desire to work evil, that evil as surely follows him as does his shadow.

No person is so chary of Suggestions which are not of good, as one who has practiced the Art.

Press The daily press is scattering broadcast Libels. the seeds of this belief and fear in stories born in the brain of the reporter. They are his solution of facts. They are never sustained by the opinions of experts. When the reported cases of evil are investigated, they are not sustained by evidence.

It has been reported that hypnotism has been made the plea of extenuation in courts. Never has a criminal been condemned, or a person acquitted, in this country upon the plea of hypnotism.

Never has any judge considered such a plea. I will only cite one typical case. It goes its rounds in the press several times a year. Concerning it, I give as high an authority as exists upon the matter. Chief Justice Albert H. Horton, of the Kansas Supreme Court, in an address reported in the State Journal (Topeka) , for April the 6th, 1895, says: “In affirming the conviction of Gray, no new doctrine was announced, no new rule of evidence established.

Hypnotism was not considered nor ruled upon in any way. The reports are therefore wholly unfounded.” But Judge Horton’s statement is ignored, and the lie of a reporter is made the basis for creating fear by teacher, preacher and editor.

Evil Advertisements But more injurious than the press reports are some of the advertisements of the teachers and schools where the words, “secret power,” “subtle power,” and others are used to convey the idea that they have something mysterious and hidden and that the possession of this something will enable its possessor to influence any person to do his will, and will enable a graduate of their school to win everything he wishes in the battle of life. These claims are false. They mislead.

NO such power exists. All persons may cultivate and attain all that is claimed for “Hypnotism” and “Personal Magnetism” by a simple application of this Law of Suggestion.

The Soul of man is perfect. All Souls are alike. Each contains a spark of Infinity.

All that any one needs is to let the god in him (the good in him) manifest. Suggestion opens the way. There is no patent right held by any person, or any class of persons, upon any method of this unfoldment. No method is universal. No limitations are possible. All is one Principle.

The Principle of Suggestion is limitless and will make and adapt its method to the time and place. Once understand the Law of Suggestion, the Principle of Concentration, and you have entered the Holy of Holies; have the key to all the ancient mysteries; have knowledge of the way to the Occult Powers of the Soul.

“‘Protection” against evil influences is claimed by some of these schools and teachers. Especially is this promised by those teachers who gather the press reports of the evils of hypnotism with which they induce people to become their pupils. “Protection” from what?

The Ego is all powerful. The only evil is ignorance. The only safeguard is knowledge. Knowledge of what? Of Self. No person can be protected from his thoughts. He must protect himself. All the possible evils there are in Suggestion are those that lie in thinking. A person must think. Now think no evil and none is possible.

Personal Responsibility.

Thought is creative. It creates every condition in life. What shall he think? i

s the question that concerns him. What are the results of thoughts and how are thoughts controlled?

should be his questions. No power, no statute law can protect man from himself.

Neither can they change him or cause him to think to order. As long as he fears, he must suffer the effects of fear; as long as he thinks pain, he must suffer pain; as long as he thinks he must be protected, he will be weak and will not protect himself from self-created evils. Each person is responsible to himself for the thoughts he encourages.

He cannot escape the results of his own thinking. If he will not keep harmful thoughts, "tramp thoughts," from his mind, he must take the consequences of such company. The School of Suggestion is the University of the Soul. All other schools are of the intellect. This school opens the door through which to reach the Ego itself. None other is equal to it.

Telepathy is now brought in as a factor of fear and people are warned in advertisements to go to certain teachers of hypnotism that they may learn to protect themselves from the evil thoughts of others.

Promises are made that “this subtle power of thought” will be taught them so that they may succeed in their selfish purposes. “This mysterious silent power,” one advertisement reads.

I affirm positively that it is more difficult to influence one silently to do what is not in harmony with his own thought than it is by oral Suggestion.

A Suggestion is at all times a Suggestion. Its effect is the same whether given orally or telepathically. Those that do not conflict with desire, will or conscience, will be readily received when silently given.

It then does not meet with the intellectual limitations that are often put upon it when conveyed orally. But positively I repeat: no Suggestion repugnant to a person will be received telepathically.

It falls as unnoticed, as harmless, as buckshot on an iron-clad.

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Published in 1902 by: Henry Harrison Brown

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