Not Hypnotism, But Suggestion : Part 6

Materialized  Will.

The piano player teaches all persons how to build a nervous structure to order.

He begins awkwardly and bunglingly to fumble the keys. Each day his fingers learn better to obey his Will. After a long practice, they have learned to play what is in the mind.

They find the keys and strike them without the conscious direction of the player. The Will has been materialized in them; the nerve cells are thoughts that have, by conscious direction, been transformed into them.

blissful-morningAfter the nerves have thus been reconstructed under the direction of the Will, the player forgets his fingers, lets them do the mechanical part, while he plays mentally only.

He listens to the internal music while the fingers play. John Fiske says:—”This result is possible only because of a bodily change which has taken place in him.

Countless molecular alterations have been wrought in the structure of sundry nerves and muscles, especially in the grey matter of sundry ganglia and nerve centers.

Every ganglion concerned in the needful adjustment of eyes, fingers, wrists, or in the repetitions of musical sounds, has undergone a change more or less profound. It is enough for us to know there is such a registration of experiences.” In relation to this “registration,” he says:—”Any creature’s ability to perceive and act depends upon the registration of experiences in his nerve centers.

It is either individual or ancestral experience that is thus registered; strictly speaking, it is both.” Here we have all the physiological evidence necessary to demonstrate scientifically the facts of mental healing and to prove our theory as to the place and power of Suggestion. Experiences register themselves in brain and nerve changes.

Mastery  of Fate.

Each Suggestion affects the nerve tissue. It builds itself into bodily expression. The body is the materialized experiences, of the individual.

The only experiences are those of thinking and feeling. The body is therefore materialized feeling and thought.

This is the greatest discovery man has made of his power over Nature. He can, by the conscious use of his Will, mold her into the semblance of his own ideal.

He does now, as far as his body is concerned, mold her unconsciously. He is learning consciously to build not only body but environment to his ideal, through the use of his Will. Nature’s side of the expression is in the building of the external man, the babe. The director of the finer forces is Suggestion.

Man’s side is Auto-Suggestion, or the better word is Affirmation. We have found in this word, Affirmation, the Key to Power.

Science found it for us. But she never opened the treasure-house. Now the key is placed in the lock. Will you turn it and possess? In this book are the necessary directions.

They have been found by the effects of Thought conditions artificially produced by Suggestion. Experiments have taught us how to become receptive to Suggestion.

Now become to yourself both subject and suggester. You have learned the Law. All you need now is practice. Practice leads, through Demonstration, to Realization. This won, you are the Master of Fate.

The Manifest Ideal.

No knowledge is superior to this This is all that any healer, seer or conqueror ever learned. The pass-word is CONCENTRATION.

With this word, the portals of sense may be passed. Its word of power is AFFIRMATION. Its bugle call is SUGGESTION.

To all who enlist under this banner, there is nothing but victory. Victory means Health, Success, Prosperity and Blessedness. The Way:— AFFIRM THE IDEAL. HOLD TO IT THROUGH CONCENTRATION. LET THE IDEAL MANIFEST. Faith in self must give birth to the Affirmation, I AM! The end is Self-Control.



The benefit of this book lies in the fact that it has stimulated you to right thinking and right living. To think and to live rightly, you must constantly practice the principle of Self-suggestion. By practice, you are to make conditions to your desire.

By CONSCIOUS WILL, you are to master Fate. If you find it difficult to hold the thought silently, it is a good plan to talk aloud to yourself. Treat the conscious man as subject and the "I" as operator. Persist until you yield to the Affirmation as the subject yields to the command of operator.

Use these thoughts in any language to suit. Remember:—According to the amount of Will that you put into your thought is the benefit received. Therefore, when affirming, throw back the shoulders, hold head erect, sit or stand firm, and feel the spirit of the Affirmation, then relax and let the power of the Affirmation manifest in you. Use your own name in place of John Smith.

For Pain, say:—

Now, sir, you are Life! You cannot have pain. All pain has left you. Now go about your work. Attend to your business, John Smith, and I will attend to mine. I (Mind) built this body and I will restore it when you let me alone.

For Nervous Conditions:—

Now, sir, sit down in that chair and relax. Let go! Let go, sir, of old thoughts! Let go of your body.

Forget you have one. Imitate the baby, the cat and the dog when they rest. There now, you feel better already. There, sir, how much relaxed you are. You are rested already. Now keep peace in your mind and go to work. You are Peace.
For Insomnia:

During the day, when you think of the night, say: "I shall sleep well tonight." When bedtime comes, say: "Oh, how sleepy I am. I already yawn.

" Now yawn, whether you feel to or not. Keep yawning till you do feel, then let it yawn itself and continue to say, "I'm sleepy," till you lose yourself in sleep.


For any Kind of Sichness:

NOW, John Smith, you are Spirit, for I am Spirit and I made you. Spirit cannot be sick. Therefore, this condition is purely a mental one and you are to change it. 
Ever remember that / am not sick. I am Life. Life manifests just as perfectly as you, John Smith, let it. If you will repress it by thinking disease and pain, then you will have them. 

Now you have forgotten them and only remember that I am LIFE. This you will repeat till I have made your body over anew:—I AM LIFE! I AM LIFE!
For Discontent:

Now, sir. you have everything you desire. Life is yours and Life contains all. You are Contentment

For Poverty:

Well, sir, you have all that is. You have Life and all that Life needs. God is within you. God is all! Let God manifest as He will. Let Life manifest. 
Polarize yourself and draw what you desire. Stop saying, "I am poor." Say, "I have all. I am rich, for I have all I can use." 
Stop this economy. It will lead you to the poorhouse. I cannot lead you to things you wish when you fill your mind with these thoughts of poverty. Hereafter, keep full of Faith in the Good. 

Call your own to you by this Affirmation. I am with you and I am Power. Attend to your business of using to your desire what you have. Use it now. It is my business to bring more when this is gone.

The Affirmation, MY SUPPLY IS INFINITE, will cure all poverty when it becomes Faith.


For Bad Habits:

To cure any bad habit, say to yourself whenever you treat yourself or whenever you think of the habit:— You are the Master of Self.

 You do just what you desire. Tobacco has no power over you. (Or beer, or worry, or anger, or gossip, or fault-finding, or argument, or talking of your pains or troubles. 

Use any one that fits the case.) You are temperate in all things, for I, the Soul, now guide you. Tell yourself, sir: "I am Master." Affirm:—"This old habit has passed from me. 

I love the good. Good fills me so full that there is in me no place for anything else. I am happy for old things are passed away."For Fear:

Fear is the one cause of all the evils of life. Use this formula in its thought, changing the words to suit:

I am fearless. All is good. No evil can come to me. I am courage. I am guided from within. I can make no mistake. I have banished all fear. I trust myself. I have confidence in myself. I rely upon myself. I am equal to any emergency. There is for me protection at all times. No evil can come near my dwelling. I am fearless.
Post-Hypnotic Self-Suggestions:
Remembering Me-ethereal dreamlike portrait of a human in deep meditation. This spiritual image is in soft muted blue.
Remembering Me-ethereal dreamlike portrait of a human in deep meditation. This spiritual image is in soft muted blue.

Have you forgotten something? Then say: “I know. Be still. It will come to me.” Then forget that you wish to know and LET it fall into the mind.

There is something you wish to decide upon or wish to think of; say: “When I awaken in the morning I shall know what to do; I shall know what to say; I shall know what to write; I shall have the solution in my mind.”

By these Post-Hypnotic Suggestions, you may call up from the subconscious anything you desire.


For the present, we part company. The subject is only opened. We have much to learn, much to Demonstrate.

I promised to do a part. It is done. I have given you the Key. It is yours to use. I know the treasure that awaits you. Congratulating you on your POSSESSION, I leave you to the joy of Self-Control attained through Self-Suggestion.

SAN FRANCISCO, March 21, 1902.


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Published in 1902 by: Henry Harrison Brown


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