Christian D. Larson

Christian D. Larson (1874 – 1954)

Was an american author born in Iowa. He is credited of being the founder of the New Though Movement. he was a lecturer, teacher.

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Thinking For Results


My Favorite Christian D Larson Inspirational Quotes and Thoughts :


In training ourselves to think for results we must constantly bear in mind the great fact that man invariably grows into the likeness of that which he thinks of the most. Therefore, think constantly of what you want to become and your life will daily grow in that direction.

That man can change himself, improve himself, recreate himself, control his environment and master his own destiny is the conclusion of every mind who is wide-awake to the power of right thought in constructive action.

When we understand the laws of thought and think accordingly, we have begun what may properly be termed scientific thinking; that is, we have begun designed thinking;
The purpose of life is continuous advancement and all the laws of life are created for the promotion of advancement in all things and at all times. Therefore, to retard growth is to violate the laws of life while to promote growth is to properly employ those laws of life.
internal-dialogThe first essential is to provide what may be termed the mental attitude of normal states of consciousness for all our thinking; that is,

to promote only right states of mind whatever the process of thought may be, because such states are always wholesome and are invariably conducive to mental development. 
In addition, such states tend to hold the various energies of the mind in a working attitude which is highly important when our purpose is to work for results.


There is a state within us where all is still, and as nearly all of us have been conscious of this state at different times we know that it actually exists. To cultivate the consciousness of this state is the real secret of attaining a permanent mental state of peace.


Here we should remember two great truths; that is, that unlimited power is latent within us and that at the depth of our being everything is perfectly still.

Nothing comes from the application of power unless it acts directly upon something, but it cannot act upon anything with the assurance of results unless there is harmony between the power that acts and the thing acted upon.
i-am-lightTo secure harmony it may be necessary for both factors to change their present positions. 

They may have to meet each other half way, but there can be no objection to this.

To cultivate the state of contentment we should live in the conviction that all things are working together for good,


The attitude of gratitude is closely related to that of contentment and is one of the greatest of all mental states;

Every moment therefore is richer than the one before; but if this coming of new life and new opportunities does not add to the richness and value of our own personal life there is a lack of gratitude.
To cultivate the mental state of appreciation we should eliminate all tendency to fault finding, criticism and the like, and we should make a special effort to see the worthy qualities in everything and everybody with which we come in contact.

When we proceed to think for results we think for a purpose.



Both the soul and the mind, with all their powers and possibilities, tend to unfold themselves through the actions of the strong whole souled attitude of kindness.


The attitude of sympathy always acts in close connection with kindness,
The materialistic mind is the descending mind, the mind that is losing ground gradually, and that is daily being overcome more and more by its own perverted and materialistic thought habits.
Here we should remember that the consciousness of superiority does not produce vanity or egotism. When a person has really become conscious of the superiority of his true being he is above all small and questionable states of mind.

When we proceed to think for results we are invariably imbued with the spirit of advancement.

The attitude of resistance is always destructive and therefore interferes with the real purpose of right thinking.


To the practice of non-resistance we should add forgiveness.Forgive everybody, even yourself.
Whether the individual is to move forward or not depends upon what he thinks. His actions, his intentions, his motives, his plans, his tendencies, his efforts—all of these play their part, but they are all the products of thinking, and therefore are invariably like the process of thinking from which they sprang.

cheEvery intelligent person tries to live in accord with natural laws, but as a rule complies only with those laws that deal with the physical side of life. He therefore cannot be in perfect accord with nature because to obey one group of laws and ignore another group will produce nothing but confusion and ultimate failure.

Every thought you think can interfere with your work if not properly constructed.

The idea is that you must clearly fix in mind what you wish to think and work for in the great eternal now.
In fact the very best way to prepare for the future is to be your very best in the present, and if you are your best in the present your future will certainly be better.

A false conception will produce false ideas, false ideas will originate false tendencies and false tendencies will lead the mind into mistakes.

When the seed is good and has been placed in good soil we can truthfully say that a good harvest will be forthcoming.
When we give conscious recognition to a cause we increase its power.
To create a good cause and then ignore it is to deprive it of life during its infancy,
Every plan should be directly related to the purpose which it is intended to promote,

Everything has two sides, the limited or objective side and the unlimited or subjective side.


halawe should think of the body as a great temple with millions of apartments, each one furnished most gorgeously with nature's own wealth and beauty, and this is what the body really is. 

Every cell of the body when viewed under a microscope is like a crystal palace, and the body is composed of millions of such.

When we think about life we should always view the sunny side of personal existence and the real life of interior existence.

A great life produces a great mind and a high soul, but to attain the greater life we must enlarge our view of life.
There is a beautiful and a wonderful side to all life, and the possibilities of all life are unbounded.

Every experience can teach us something we do not know; therefore instead of deploring the experience we should receive it with joy and proceed at once to look for the truth it has come to convey.

Reverses come because we have failed to comply with the laws of life, therefore instead of regretting the experience we should use it as a means of finding wherein we have failed.
Divine Unity-Spiritual image of a woman meditating. In muted browns and creams.
Divine Unity-Spiritual image of a woman meditating. In muted browns and creams.
Whenever anything takes place in your system try to feel the finer forces in that part of the system where the action is taking place.

There are people who make life a burden, but life in itself is anything but a burden.

The destiny of every man in his own creation, be it good or otherwise, but so long as he thinks he is in the hands of this destiny he will fail to intelligently employ his own creations, and will accordingly originate adverse circumstances.


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