Henry Harrison Brown

Henry Harrison Brown was part of the  New Thought  Movement. He was a civil war veteran, lecturer , author and teacher. He was also one of the publisher of a new thought magazine call NOW.

He served as a  Unity minister for seven years and was a mental healer. He wrote  several books that focused on the laws of attraction, and positive thinking.


Henry Harrison Brown work available to read on this site:

awakenNot Hypnotism, But Suggestion

My Favorite Henry Harrison Brown Inspirational Quotes and Thoughts :
Truth is a fixed quantity. Man perceives but does not create Truth. Truth and the Universe are Coextensive.


I am in the Universe, not a portion of it, but I am a manifestation of IT.

Thus my recognition of Self divides the Universe, to my consciousness, into what I call “I,” which is the Within, and what I call “Not I,” which is the Without.

This is the simplest of all philosophy. It is as simple as Cause and Effect.


Each person now, in ignorance of his power and of the laws of mind (and foremost among them is the Law of Suggestion), creates his body and his surroundings without being conscious of so doing, from his choice.

Universal Energy is One. It manifests as Life. It is One in all men. Life manifests first as Sensation which is the same in all.

Man has the power of Self-Control. All one needs is to learn to use this power in the same way he has learned to us« other forms of power, viz:—by experience.

Each day’s conditions are the result of choices made without knowledge of results.

Subjectively, as a manifestation of Unity, man is potential power in every direction.

The opposite of Concentration is as important as concentration. This is the "Letting Go," the Giving up, the Relaxing, the Changing, at will, the thought upon which one has concentrated.
The only safe ways of manifestation are those directed by Self. The more faith in Self, the more power. They who have influenced the world have been those who had faith in themselves. Self-Assertion led to CONCENTRATION. The Affirmation of success has ever been, “I CAN!”

The primal manifestation of consciousness is a recognition of Suggestion.

i-am-lightOne's body is his castle. No vibration can enter it unless it comes by neglect on his part or by an invitation.
He has never brought his Will into obedience to his thought. When once his Will has fastened to an Affirmation, it does not readily let go and take another because he has, by neglect, taught it to cling until, by some external Suggestion, he is compelled to change his Affirmation.

The Soul of man is perfect. All Souls are alike. Each contains a spark of Infinity.

He cannot escape the results of his own thinking. If he will not keep harmful thoughts, "tramp thoughts," from his mind, he must take the consequences of such company. The School of Suggestion is the University of the Soul. All other schools are of the intellect. This school opens the door through which to reach the Ego itself. None other is equal to it.
triskelion-blueI AM THAT WHICH I THINK I AM. 

Thought IS power. 
We are so to realize this as to build to desire and not to let Thought run riot as we now do. 

Where now it is harmful, we shall Will that it bless.

Each person is an unfolding soul and the test of unfoldment is virtue.

To all who enlist under this banner, there is nothing but victory. Victory means Health, Success, Prosperity and Blessedness. The Way:— AFFIRM THE IDEAL. HOLD TO IT THROUGH CONCENTRATION. LET THE IDEAL MANIFEST. Faith in self must give birth to the Affirmation, I AM! The end is Self-Control.


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