Louis William Rodgers 1859-1953

Was an American teacher, political activist, author and long time president of the Theosophical  Society of America.


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The Invisible World About Usflying-high

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My Favorite L.W.Rodgers Inspirational Quotes and Thoughts :

Nothing is, or possible can be, supernatural. Nature is all-inclusive.


Original thinkers have usually been the victims of their beneficiaries. Every hand was against them, and every dungeon yawned for them. But in our day the infliction of physical pain has gone out of fashion.
So the soul, or consciousness, does not come down from some place. There is no movement in space necessary. It merely attracts to itself the matter of a very rare grade, called "mental"; then, by a considerably different process in a coarser grade of matter, the astral body is secured.


Clearly, the physical body is not the man. If it were, the loss of a part of the body would logically be a loss of part of the man.




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