Ralph W. Trine

Ralph W. Trine (1866-1958)

An American Philosopher , teacher and author of”  New Thought Movement” books.

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It is said that in Japan if one picks up a stone to throw at a dog, the dog will not run, as you will find he will in almost every case here, because there the dog has never had a stone thrown at him, and consequently he does not know what it means.
It is an established fact that the training of the intellect alone is not sufficient. Nothing in this world can be truer than that the education of the head, without the training of the heart, simply increases one's power for evil, while the education of the heart, along with the head, increases one's power for good, and this, indeed, is the true education.

fawn-by-skeezeinstead of putting into the hands of the child a gun or any other weapon that may be instrumental in crippling, torturing, or taking the life of even a single animal, I would give him the field-glass and the camera, and send him out to be a friend to the animals, to observe and study their characteristics, their habits,

" But is not flesh-eating natural ? " I hear it asked. " Does not man in his primitive, savage state make use of flesh naturally. Do not animals devour one another ? " Yes; but we are not savages, nor are we purely animals, and it is time for us to have outgrown this attendant-of-savage-life custom.
And one reason why missionaries in many parts of India, among the Buddhists and Brahmins, for example, have been so comparatively unsuccessful in their work is because the majority of those keen-minded and spiritually unfolded people cannot see what superiority there is in the religion of the one whom it allows to kill, cook, and feast upon the bodies of his or her fellow-creatures, which they themselves could not do.

” Each one of these animals possesses a soul, has individuality and the sense of ‘ I,’ can feel pleasure and pain, has fear of death and struggles to live.

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