Remembering Me-ethereal dreamlike portrait of a human in deep meditation. This spiritual image is in soft muted blue.

Visionary Art

Artist  Statement

If we could see beyond our dense physical reality for just a moment, what would the world around us look like?

Would the experience of seeing the light emanating from our soul and the souls of others alter our behavior and perhaps our life path?

The images I create are a visual exploration of a lifelong fascination with energy and forms of non physical matter in this and other planes of existence.

The portraits I create are a celebration of our beauty and oneness with the universe.

I am a portrait artist, digital paint is my medium. Each portrait is a freehand drawing. After the portrait is finished, I add abstract textures and symbols to express the emotions that come from the portrait itself. It is my attempt to capture these moments of clarity.

It is my hope to quietly suggest that “We” are beautiful beings having a human experience.

-Margaret Dill

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