“A conscious journey of self awareness is an adventure. It can raise us to the heights of joy and feelings of lightness and freedom or to the depths of bondage and darkness. It is our choice where we travel.”

I started this website to showcase my portfolio of artwork. My artwork is a reflection of my spiritual beliefs.

I love drawing and there are days and weeks where I will spend the bulk of my time doing just that. With that said I want to share more then just my art. I want to share ideas and philosophies that inspire it.

margaret-dillWhen I was very young, I was fortunate enough to be made to go to a spiritualist church.

I should say that I was made to go to church since I was six, but when  I went to live with my maternal grandmother I didn’t have to go to church anymore. She was an atheist.

One Easter my Auntie Iona told me she was picking me up for church. Now I have to say I was pretty unhappy and begged my grandmother to let me stay home. Fortunately she didn’t intervene.

My Aunt didn’t tell me anything about this church except she knew I would love it. And she was right.

It was such a different experience then the churches I had experienced in the past. It wasn’t really like going to church. This church was a rich tapestry of east meets west philosophies. I was introduced to so many wonderful soul inspiring ideas.  It felt like  I just woke up.

Well I’m still waking up a day at a time.

My core beliefs at this moment in my life are:

  • We are all divine energy which I refer to as a soul.
  • Our souls are in a constant state of evolution.
  • We choose to have a human experience.
  • Ultimately each human is on a path of enlightenment.
  • That enlightenment continues our soul’s evolution.
 "All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players..."

William Shakespeare

Peace starts with Us, one thought at a time.

Peace Margaret